Why choose for Clubkledingwinkel?

The clubkledingwinkel for your club is 24 hour per day and 7 days a week available.

You / your club don't have to do anything.

Collect a percentage on every sales for your club.

Delivery: Order Monday before 11:00 hours and your order will be shipped on friday (including printing)

Ordering personalised articles is possible.

Quick replies to your email or phone questions.

One shop for all clubwear, sport materials, trophy's, printing and many more!

Multiple options to express your appreciation to your volunteers with coupons or giftcertificates to spend in your store.

Clubkledingwinkel is your address for all clothing en sports materials for your club. We provide sponsoring and the possibility to let us take care of all sales, financials (like invoicing) and logistics. You can collect a percentage on every sale to give your club a financial profit.

How does it work?

Every club gets his own Clubkleding shop with with logo and colors. In the shop all club clothing and material you have selected to sell become available in de shop. For all clothing are size and color selectable options (if appalicable). It is also possible to personalise the clothing with the players name, number and/or logo.

Your clubmembers can order 24 / 7. All orders are processed bij CLubkledingwinkel and will be send out to you.

The big advantage using Clubkledingwinkel is that you have a single spot from where all your clothing and material will be ordered with some benefits for the club aswell, these financial benefits you can use in your store to pay for prices, billboards or training materials.

Clubkledingwinkel.nl - Boslaan 39, 2132 RJ Hoofddorp -
0031 23-5614647 - 0031 6-28877262 - informatie@clubkledingwinkel.nl